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Matthew Patten

Y’all absolutely outplayed yourselves at last night’s show! ... See MoreSee Less

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Check out this cool video from our good friends The Typical Johnsons! Our lead guitarist Dan Spaugy contributed lap steel to this track.

The Typical Johnsons
In Other Words…


Have you ever been stuck and missing home?

Buffalo is strictly by it’s chords and structure a pretty basic song. (Who are we kidding, nothing we’re doing is very complex). Theres a few chords and some killer blues licks, a Hammond organ and a great lap steel guitar (which you don’t hear NEARLY enough of, and ultimately some words… theres not much to it. The real beauty of Buffalo though is in the way these parts all come together. Buffalo is a song about being lonely and alone, and its for this who find themselves in that most lowly of states.

Buffalo was written inside a hotel room that smelled of stale cigarette smoke and sadness when I (Jeremy) was on a business trip during my time in the U.S Navy. Part of my job at the time was visiting different recruiting stations inside my district boundaries, and I seemed to always find myself stuck for the night in Buffalo in some hotel or another. I smoked a lot at the time and it was nice that you could still find a room that you could smoke in, (you could always count on Buffalo for that!) This song, was written with all my road weary brethren in mind, whether you are traveling for your job, or traveling with the military or just found yourself stuck in a place far from home that you never intended to be… this one was written for you… and me…

Originally recorded on WAYYY before the first album, the first recording of the song was made in my friend Shawn Terrell’s spare room where I was crashing at the time. My old beloved Taylor DN-3 made everything sound so much better than it probably really was. This song was the EPITOME of rough and carried the delusions de-grandeur of someone who just wanted to write a cool song. (Results and opinions may vary.. but who cares)… because the end result is what you have before you, which is a collaboration of quality musicians making something so simple be so very badass.

Inside this simple chord progression we have Lynne, Myself and Jon doing our thing, and Andy Brogan our lead player doing what he does, and his brother Jeff Brogan killing a great bass line. But... theres also Patrick Himes our resident Renaissance man, who hails from Reel Love Recording, The Bribing Senators, Cherry Lee & The Hot Rod Hounds, and various other musical excursions, stepped in on Hammond. (It should be noted that Patrick Himes also tracked the song!) All the while Dan Spaugy, from the Dayton area band/s Neo American Pioneersand Age Nowhere graciously agreed to apply the pedal steel, and all together they changed the song from something pedestrian into something spectacular.

Please check share the video! AND check it out on the Album “In Other Words” which will be out somewhere around in September 2018 on all your favorite streaming services.

In Other Words…

Buffalo is a song for the wandering, lost and restless…

For when your too far North and your bound to fall…
When you just cannot seem to win…

Please share the video if you dig it... come see us at a show!!!

As always, thank you to @Jake Wisecup of WiseUP Entertainment for the fourth video in this series and the outstanding work. Stay tuned for more from him and The Typical Johnsons! Check out his work on YouTube and Facebook, as well as ALL the recordings from @Patrick Himes and Reel Love Recording in Dayton, Ohio. You will not be disappointed!
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James Crabtree

Neo American Pioneers sounding great at Blind Bob's Bar kicking off Dayton Music Fest 2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s been 1 month since our album was released! If you haven’t heard it check it out! We will be playing songs from the album at Blind Bob's Bar on Friday as part of the Dayton Music Festival!

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Neo American Pioneers

Tippapalooza 2018 turned out to be the party we thought it would be! A killer night of music with Shrug, Seth Canan & the Carriers, and The 1984 Draft. Thanks to all the folks that came out and the Tippapalooza crew for hosting another great year. ... See MoreSee Less

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